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GIS.lab is capable to deploy a complete, centrally managed and horizontally scalable GIS infrastructure in local area network (LAN), data center or cloud in a few moments. It provides comprehensive set of free geospatial software seamlessly integrated in to one, easy-to-use system.

GIS.lab lowers deployment and ownership cost of complex geospatial solution to absolute minimum, while still keeping whole technology in house and under full control.

GIS.lab network architecture
GIS.lab infrastructure

GIS.lab can be used in places and conditions where deployment of any other technology wouldn't be affordable or technically possible. GIS.lab is capable to turn bunch of heterogeneous or broken computers in to crisis management command center, flawlessly working in very hard conditions of natural disaster with power and Internet outages. It is also ideal system for education or just for Open Source technologies popularization.

Key benefits

Key features